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The Austrian School in Prague!

The Austrian School in Prague was founded in 1991 as a Czech private school and in 1993 it was incorporated into the Czech public school system. The ÖGP is a six-year secondary school. In the first two years (which correlate with the 8th and 9th grade in the Czech school system) a strong emphasis is put on teaching German and English, so that the students are well prepared for the final four years, when most of the subjects are taught in German. Thanks to this thorough preparation the German language skills of most students are of a very high standard. Only some subjects (Czech, Sports, Arts and parts of Social Sciences and History) are taught in Czech.

Another focus of the ÖGP is the acquisition of several other important languages of the European Union (French and Spanish). Furthermore, from the 3rd grade onwards emphasis is put on Informatics and Communication Technology, which is taught in German. Additionally, the ÖGP offers several special subjects and voluntary optional subjects, such as Latin, international language certificates, basic knowledge in business administration and economics.

Moreover, the ÖGP is a certified examination centre for the „Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch“ (an internationally recognized certificate for the German language). Furthermore, the school offers preparatory courses for the DELE and DELF, also internationally recognized certificates for the Spanish and French language, respectively, and if requested, for the BEC (Business English Certificate) within the framework of the English seminars, in which students are prepared for the oral school-leaving exam in English, but also focus on business English.

Graduates of the ÖGP receive both a Czech and an Austrian school-leaving certificate. Many of our former students study at Czech universities and about 10 % attend a foreign university, mainly in German- or English-speaking countries. Students of the ÖGP benefit considerably from the intercultural and linguistic experience they gain in the course of their education. The ÖGP is a multicultural educational institution, as in addition to Austrian and Czech teachers, also native speakers from USA, France and Argentina are part of the faculty. A relaxed teaching atmosphere, a multicultural community life, as well as an active participation in the Austrian culture are only some of the characteristics of the ÖGP.

It is very important for the ÖGP that the students develop an understanding of both Austrian and Czech politics, economies and cultures. Additionally, we help our students become capable of understanding, respecting and questioning different ideologies and enhance their social and intercultural competences. Respect for democracy and human rights is of utmost importance. The annual tuition, which currently amounts to CZK 32,000 for the school year 2023 / 24, corresponds to an average monthly salary in the Czech Republic.

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